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Welcome to Salmon University
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Welcome to the Salmon University-Great Lakes homepage. The Great Lakes are the world's largest bodies of freshwater with a very diverse fishery for salmon and trout. On this page, our Great Lakes Field Staff will provide you tips on where, when, and how to catch salmon and trout on the Great Lakes. Our goal is to provide you, the angler, with in depth information on our fishery and provide the best educational tool for Great Lakes fishing available to the public.

This website is going to offer tips and advice for Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario specifically. Learning how to fish the Great Lakes can be very overwhelming for anglers just getting involved. On the other hand even experienced salmon anglers know the value of quality information. We hope to provide information to all levels of fishermen including beginners and seasoned charter captains. We will give detailed fishing information by region, by species and by time of year.

Below you will find a detailed description of the various sections on our website:

Regions: Under this tab you will see the Lake broken down into large geographic zones with descriptions of fish holding structures in these regions in addition to descriptions of the type of fish you can expect to catch in these individual regions.

Education: Here you will be introduced to the Salmon University Great Lakes Field Staff. There will also be a spot where you can post questions to our Field Staff for any additional information you are interested in but can not find on our website.

How to Articles: In depth how-to articles will range on how to find fish, how to catch those fish, when to target certain species and what tackle to use to catch those fish.

Product Reviews: With all of the different tackle available on the market, anglers can get migraines trying to decide what they should use to try to best put fish in the boat. In this section, you will find updated information on new products being released in addition to basic information on products already on the market.

Species Information: Here you will find general information on the various species that you can catch on the Great Lakes. Where the fish tend to be found, what you can catch them on and when you can catch them.

Fishing Reports: Our Field Staff and experienced charter captains will post fishing reports where they are fishing at different times of the year.

Tournament Tips: Tips from our Field Staff on how to be successful in your local tournaments or derbies.

Please stay tuned to the website for updated information. Our Field Staff will be working hard to provide information for all types of species and all different areas. Please provide feedback under the "Contact Us" tab if you have any feedback, positive or negative.

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