2008 Pictures

Loading the Plane
Charlotte Princess
Day 1
Bob and Beth
William and Connie
Jordan with Salmon
Nice Ling
Kevin with Hali
Siegfried with Hali
Reiner with Hali
Jordan and Grandpa
Jordan and Deckhand
Fat Cats ready!
Bob with a nice Ling
Terry with Chinook
Beth and Bob with Chinook
Bob's Story
Kevin and Sorelys
Lots o Fish
Kelby collecting fish
Frank & Terry with fish
Resident Wildlife
Pod of Whales
The Lighthouse
Just Beautiful

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2008 Salmon University Trip with Oak Bay Marine Group to the Queen Charlotte Islands


A short pictorial of the Salmon University trip to Langara Island in the Queen Charlotte Islands.

On behalf of Salmon University, I would like to thank the Oak Bay Marine group and the outstanding crew of the Charlotte Princess for their efforts in making this trip such a great adventure. A special thanks goes out to the great anglers that came along with us. We hope to see you all again next year.

Tom Nelson
Salmon University

Loading the Seaplane at Sandspit for Langara Island
Landing - MV Charlotte Princess and MV Marabell on the left
The Charlotte Princess - Our Floating Home for 4 Days
: First Day - Checking out the Gear
Bob (Marysville, WA) and Beth (Ferndale, WA)
William & Connie (Seattle) listening carefully
Jordan (14 years old) from Tigard, OR with a 17 lb Salmon
Fishbox full of nice Ling Cod
Beth & Bob with a 23 lb Ling Cod
Kevin Mullins (Seattle) weighing in a nice Halibut
Siegfried (Seattle) weighing in a 60 lb Hali
Reiner (Siegfried's fishing partner with their 60 lb Hali Hmmm - Is Reiner really that much shorter than Siegfried Or did the Halibut grow???
Jordan and his Grandfather Cliff from Lake Oswego, OR With their 64 lb Hali.
: Jordan wore his Grandfather out and talked one of the deck hands Into taking him out fishing on his break. He scored with a nice Hali And a nice Ling. On the flight home, Jordan told his Grandpa that He thought he would give up on Washington State University and Instead go to Salmon University and wanted to know what kind of A football team they had.
One of the great deckhands on the Charlotte Princess with a Bottom fish ready for the cleaning table.
Early morning - The Fat Cats are cleaned, baited and ready to go
Bob from Camano Island with a 25+ Ling Cod
Terry Wiest (SU Webmaster and Host of Steelhead University with A 31 lb Salmon caught off the Lighthouse.
Beth and Bob with their 25 lb Salmon
Bob telling a "Fish Story" It just got bigger and bigger!
They look like brothers???
Waiting for Dinner - and yes - it was worth waiting for!
Kevin & Sorelys (Seattle)
Lots of fish came home with us
Kelby Anderson (San Juan Island) collecting his fish boxes at the Vancouver Airport
Frank Urabeck and Terry Wiest stacking their fish boxes
Resident Wildlife
Pod of Whales - up close and personal
Seals at Langara Rock - Notice the Bald Eagle above them
The Lighthouse at the southern tip of Langara
What a beautiful Place…..This picture tells it all