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Salmon University - Smoked Salmon Recipe #2
By Drew Edwards



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  • 8-10 pounds of Fish

  • Brine Mixture 1 Cup canning salt 1 cups brown sugar 5 cups water (enough to cover fish) 5 Bay Leaves 2 tablespoons ground pepper

  • Sprinkle Ground Allspice, Garlic Powder and Ginger powder on the fish and place in the Brine Mixture 6 hours at room temperature or 8-10 hours in refrigerator (overnight)

  • Remove from brine and rinse with water

  • Air Dry 3 hours (or pat dry with a paper towel)

  • Glaze: brush with slightly warmed honey and sprinkle tri-colored peppercorns

  • Smoke 8 to 10 hours at about 160 degrees

  • Do not over-cook, finish in an oven at 200 degrees if necessary, fish should be firm to touch

  • Serve with cream cheese, capers , chopped red onion and crackers.