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Tom Nelson
Salmon University

Hi Tom,

Mr. Kawakami from Yamashita of Japan is a professional fisherman in Japan. He visited our factory in Lynnwood about 4 or 5 years ago and I supplied him with some of our spoons to try out. Some time later we were in touch and he inspired me to try making a lure with one of our spoons combined with a Hoochie. "Hoochies" as they are often called are the vinyl baits made by Yamashita that we sell under our Gold Star brand. Our new lure combines the Kingfisher "Lite" spoon with a small Hoochie integrated into the hook with a swivel. The swivel has the added value of keeping the fish from using the spoon as a lever to throw the hook. Your help in developing the new lure was important. Now that you have proven they work well. I thought you might want to know where the inspiration came from.

Kelly Morrison
Silver Horde

Hoochie Hookers

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