Flasher Bags

Does your tackle box looking like this?

Then you better get organized!!

The organized fisherman has tackle at-the-ready, and can change gear quickly to match the hatch and catch fish when the bite is on... it's a fact that the
organized fishermen catches more fish... and Silver Horde and Salmon University are here to help!

Introducing Silver Horde Flasher Bags
from Silver Horde Fishing Supplies

Each Flasher Bag has six pockets to hold pre-rigged flashers, spoons, hootchies... whatever you want!! The Flasher Bags have see-through fronts made of durable clear vinyl, and mesh backs so your gear can dry after it's stored away. Each individual pocket has a Velcro™ closure so your gear stays right where you put it. The entire bag folds in three and fastens closed so it's about the size of a notebook when you stow it.

The Silver Horde Flasher Bags are Salmon University Pro Staff tested and approved... these are the very same bags that Tom, John, and the rest of the crew use on their boats.

FishTale Fish Flags

If you have ever spent time fishing for Marlin, Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo or any other warm water ocean trophy fish you know that the one thing that all these anglers have in common is the fish species flag.

When a fish is landed or released they hoist a species flag up the outrigger to let the anglers around on the water or at the dock know just how successful their day on the water was.

In fact tourists judge charter boats by how many flags they fly each day before booking trips.

This is a tradition around the globe including the US East Coast, California, Mexico, Hawaii and even down under in Australia.

Northwest anglers have been left out of this worldly angling tradition as we have no use for outriggers surface trolling as our ocean runs cold and fish are caught deep. Without outriggers to fly species flags on, this practice never took hold in the Northwest or Alaska


Silver Horde Fishing Supplies, with the help of the Salmon University staff, has designed a salmon species flag (Fishtale Fish Flags) that can be flown in grand Northwest style.

These quality lightweight Salmon Flags are designed especially for our boats and the way we fish. They are made smaller and with lighter material so they can be flown off our radio antennas, bow rails or even off a fishing rod.

Now when you catch that trophy salmon, hoist your Salmon Flag to let the world know! When your boat is tied at the dock with several salmon flags flying, you won't have to say a word, everybody will know who the top angler is.

Silver Horde is currently marketing two flags – the Yellow Salmon Catch Flag and the Internationally recognized Red Catch and Release T Flag.

Salmon Flags are also great for many other uses:
Salmon Derbies: Local salmon derbies – it will let the derby sponsors easily recognize boats that need to have fish weighed in.

Charter Captains: Great to give or sell to your clients when they catch that trophy salmon. Write the weight of the fish and the date of the catch on the flag and have your client sign it. It's a keepsake to help them to remember to book again next year.

Fishing Clubs: Salmon flags make great gifts for local fishing clubs. Use them to promote your club, or a distinguish club member.

Directions for correctly flying your salmon flags:
For each salmon landed and kept, fly one yellow salmon flag. If you release a salmon unharmed, fly the catch and release flag above the salmon flag.

All salmon flags flown under the catch and release flag indicate a caught and safely released salmon. International Game Fish Association (IGFA) rules are that a fish is considered caught when your hand touches the leader. You don't have to bring the fish in the boat to have it considered caught. Salmon University reminds all salmon anglers to practice proper catch and release salmon techniques.

All salmon flags flown above the catch and release flag indicate a caught and boated salmon counting towards your daily limit.

Silver Horde Flasher Bags and Fishtale Fish Flags are available at your local pro tackle shops and from Silver Horde Fishing Supplies Inc.

... if your local shop does not yet carry them,
tell them to order some from Silver Horde!

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