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Why advertise with Salmon University?
– Because LOTS AND LOTS of people will see your ad.
We receive over 3.5 Million hits on the Salmon University site each month. These kinds of numbers translate into lots of people seeing your ad.

– Because you will increase your revenues and boost your sales & profits.
How? by reaching an active, product-senstive outdoor audience – who can afford and are constantly looking for new information, resources, and products that will help them catch more fish and have more fun.

– Because we offer you more for your advertising dollar than anyone else can offer, for less.
You can be marketing the greatest boat, electronics, lures, service, or resort, but if no one knows about them, it won't do you any good.

– Because we go well beyond the average ad.
Our ads do not end up in the recycle bin or lining the birdcage, on, your ads are online 365 days a year.

– Because of our multi-faceted approach to advertising, we work harder to make you money.
Here are some of the vehicles that we use to make that happen:

First of all, through our Pros:
Salmon University staff are the most recognizable fishing experts in the Northwest. They have written articles for magazines and newspapers, instructed thousands of students in classes and lectures, and have spent thousands of hours fishing throughout the Northwest.

When the SU Team talks, fishermen listen
On our SU web site:

SU fishing reports page
We are breaking new ground with our web site... what other fishing publication that you advertise with offers real-time fishing reports? What other fishing publication can react to changing regulations... openings, closings, fishing conditions, top tackle, proven fish catching techniques, and can update their publication day to day? Your ad on our web site gives you exposure to a broad-based flood of new customers... customers that have discretionary incomes, have the time to fish, have a desire to have fun, and customers that are technologically advanced.

SU fishing reports page
In our SU classes:

SU 2 Day Seminar - Renton, WA
Tom hosts a 2-Day Seminar each year mid to late March in Kent, WA for approximately 300 lucky anglers. Each year he brings in different experienced fishermen to share their wealth of information. The class is broken into segments which fishermen may or may not partake in. Meanwhile in the lobby the advertisers are allowed a table to set up and in a very personal manner explain and demonstrate their wares. So often, the students are repeating from the year before, as they have had such a great learning experience.
There were many tackle reps on hand displaying the latest in equipment and tackle.
In our lectures:

Tom does many free lectures around the Northwest, at Puget Sound Angler fishing clubs which he is very active in, other fishing clubs around the Northwest, tackle shops, marinas, etc. At every lecture, Tom promotes our SU sponsors to dedicated fishermen that are there to listen and learn.

Tom answering questions on his boat during a free seminar at a marina.
On the water:

Tom's boat is one of the most recognizable in the Pacific Northwest, and whether he is out on the water fishing, or just coming in at the boat launch, he is constantly approached by anglers wanting to learn more about fishing techniques and new products. Tom takes every opportunity to share his knowledge of products, equipment, locations and techniques with other anglers.
Tom's North River
At sportsmen's shows

Tom attends all the regional sportsmen's shows. At each show, he gives lectures, answers questions, and staffs booths. Tom gives an average of 16 seminars at the International Boat Show. At these Seminars he promotes tackle and technique. These seminars are usually the highest attending seminars at the shows.

So why advertise with Salmon University?
Simply put, you will make more money by advertising with us.  Don't hesitate.  This is the right time to hook up with Salmon University and reach our buying audience.

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