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Letters to the Editors


Shrimping 101 is a great article and very informative. I've been using those type traps and baits for a few years with very good success. I can hardly wait for shrimping 201.

Thanks Rick

Hey Tom,

Cheri and I were talking this morning about our trip to Sekiu and we want to thank you for all the great info you and the web site have provided. With less than a year of salmon fishing under us we couldn't have done as well as we have without you and your web site.

Thank you, Frank & Cheri


Hello, just wanted to say thanks for the excellent website! I'm a 32 yr. old Dash Point native and haven't been salmon fishing in probably 15 yrs. My previous fishing experiences had been "Grampa-financed" charter trips in the Queen Charlottes with an guide that had all of the knowledge and did all of the work for you. I'd never fished for Salmon on the Sound.

After studying your website for just a night or two, I was able to land a nice Coho on my second trip out using your tips on flasher fishing etc. I caught a 8 lb. Silver using a green Hot Spot flasher and a "cop-car" just about two waterways North East of the Puyallup river here on Commencement Bay (Blair Waterway?). There's a yellow nav buoy there. The downrigger was set at 60 ft. and we were in approx. 100 ft. of water. I caught the fish at about 8:00 p.m. Again, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the great info. and tips.


Chris Lepkowski

Tacoma, WA

Hello! My name is Chuck Kamanski and I live and fish in the San Francisco area. I have used your many tips and articles and am one of your biggest fans. I have always wondered why I have never heard of anybody catching salmon under the golden gate bridge. There have to be thousands transiting to the delta.

Thanks a boatfull;

Chuck K.

Thanks for the great website and Salmon U. seminars. This was one of several Kings we caught last year during the PSA Derby in Hood Canal. This one took a green and white Coho Killer behind a 11 inch green/glow Pro Troll flasher with e-chip. The information I have picked up from the Salmon U. seminars (my third one this year) has put more fish in the box.

Keep up the good work.

John O’Neill

Lacey, WA






"Pops" King


Hope you guys are doing well. I went fishing this weekend with my old man, brother and a friend on the Columbia. Fished with Rich Mercado. Launched in Woodland and fished just north of the Lewis River Mouth. Slow but we did land a few. Using the standard sardine wrapped plugs. Here are a few pics of the fish for the fishing report coming out this Wednesday. If you could post my Dads picture to embarrass him...that would be a classic!! My Dads was 11.1 pounds and my other friends was 11.3. We had to release a 15 pound native.

Take care! Warm Regards,

Spencer R. Woods



Maryellen kicks butt again with the big one, a 17 pound steelhead caught on the Quinault on Dec 13. We went with native guide Letty Potter who took us on her jet sled. Beautiful weather, cold and clear. Saw a herd of elk crossing the river. I wanted to share this with you as you are our ultimate fishing mentor. Sorry we missed the meeting but we were fishing that day!

Merry Christmas to you.


Took your pointers to work this last weekend in Sekui. Had to fish hard but it finally paid off. Caught this 29 pound King in 130 feet of water, 44 feet deep off the downrigger with a Purple and Green Coyote Spoon. Was fishing next to the Green Can just off Slip Point.

Maybe I can make your website one day!! Thanks- I owe you!!

Spencer R. Woods

Tom :

Just wanted to thank you guys for putting on a great program two weekends ago. Very well organized and run like a military operation. Just the way I like it. Of course the most important thing, besides meeting a lot of great folks, was did we learn anything that we could use to catch more and bigger fish? Well my friend Larry Cunningham, who also attended the "U", and I decided to try out our new found knowledge. Since the only thing open on the Sound was Blackmouth, it wasn't very hard to target what we were going to fish. Larry heard they were "hitting" (fish where the fish are) at the "Racetrack" so that's where we headed a week ago friday.

I tried out Tom P's secret herring brine and rigged up a couple hoochies just like you tought us, even cutting off every fifth leg. We set out on a somewhat overcast day with the threat of rain looming and not very big expectations. Needless to say we should have had more faith in the "U" and our new found knowledge.

Check out these flicks (11.6# & 10.5#), best blackmouth fishing we've had in a long, long time!!!

Thanks for all the tricks of the trade to every one of the speakers over that wonderful weekend. Looking forward to next year!!! --

Best Fishes
><((((º><((((º><((((º> Greg Schneider

Mike Coombs, owner of the Outdoor Emporium in Seattle
with his 15 lb. Roche Harbor derby fish caught
onboard the Salmon University I boat.

I recieved the tackle pack and was really surprised!! I thought it was just going to be the flasher pockets for storage. It turned out to be full of great gear!! Flashers and lures, it is really great!!

Thank you all for the Web site and all the great stuff!!

Garry & Chris Heidt

I thought I'd give you an update and special thanks for helping me out. We went out again last Sunday in front of Johns River and hooked five fish; landed three; and released one beautiful 20lb hen back into the water unharmed (no netting or unnecessary roughness needed). Your advice gave me the confidence to stick with the techniques I had been using and if finally paid off. I hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd share a picture of the fish that says it all.

Thanks again and good fishing.


Hello - just wanted to write and say thanks for the excellent article/pictures on how to fillet salmon. I have been wanting to learn how to do this correctly for years, rather than deal with the bones in steaks. But all previous attempts at filleting large salmon were disastrous. Picture Joe Pesci with a gun in one hand and a fillet knife in the other, and you'll get an idea of what my finished "fillets" looked like - a mob hit.

Anyway, I came across your article, printed it up, and used it to guide me yesterday - and my fillets came out in supermarket perfect condition. I was so excited by this that it instantly vanquished my despair over the fact that the fish I was filleting were my wife's, and not mine.

Incredibly, for the first time in our history, my wife bagged her limit - bagged her limit while I caught nothing. So there you go - not only did your article lead to beautiful salmon fillets, it may have saved my marriage as well.
Jeff Price - Coos Bay

Hello to everybody, We just got back from Westport.

For the 2nd year in a row, the weather has not been good to us (boating wise), it was rougher than rough, but we were able to catch a few fish. With help from my family and specially my wife I was able to bring in the monster of all monsters, (A Large King Salmon.) It weighed, on a State Certified Scale, 55 lbs, 3 oz, 47 in. long and 31 in. around.

Guys this was a fish. It took me 30 minutes to fight it and then it was in the net. It is something that I will never forget as long as I live... The Kids still don't stop talking about it...

Take Care Kirk and Jean

And Yes it is at the Taxidermy shop that is close to our house, did you think I would not stuff that one. ( LOL) it will be with me forever....

This fish was caught on July 29th near Pt. Defiance.

Fish was caught using a 11" red Hotspot flasher with a 38" leader to a 3.5" green/silver Coyote spoon.

This is my biggest fish landed in this area. Oh what a rush.

Travis Swanlund

I'd like to say thank you !! I have gotten so much info on the web site.

Using the info from this site my father in-law, the guy next door and I boated a chunky 27# king out of Eliot bay on the 17th. thanks again, here is a picture.

click to view letter
I live in Chiniak, Alaska, on Kodiak Island. During our salmon season we catch a lot of salmon, both recreationally and for subsistence purposes. Forgive me if it sounds like I'm telling you something you may already know..........but........when we catch large quantities of fish, we prefer to save them for a convenient time until we smoke a large batch.(click to view letter)

Thanks to the Salmon U seminar.............

Mike (Outdoor Emporium) and I caught these two beauties fishing the Tulalip bubble.

The big one (21lbs) on a green hoochie (with strip) in 180 ft water at 40' on the Scotty downrigger.

The other (10lbs) on a green Silver Horde coho killer at 60' in 210ft water.

click to view letter
Just wanted to say thanks. I have been Salmon Fishing off and on since I was a kid. I have never had much success. Late last year I found your web site. I spent most of the winter learning to use my new Scotty downriggers and... (click to view letter)

click to view letter
I caught this big king Labor Day 2003 near Blue Dot off the northern tip of Washington using a Superior spoon, trolling with Scotty downriggers... (click to view letter)

click to view letter
I LOVE THIS SITE!! I'm addicted to the reports and have read everything on the site. Terrible to admit but some things I have read multiple times. I hooked and brought to the boat a 30-40 lb'er last year at the John's river thanks to your information. Caught a nice one... (click to view letter)

If you've got a fishing story and/or picture you'd like to share with us, email it to us here.