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New Salmon Scenter™
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We are no longer selling Salmon Scenters™ on this web site, but they are now available at your local tackle shop.
In the past few months, the staff here at Salmon University became overwhelmed with the Salmon Scenter orders coming in, and we were unable to meet the demand... so we have turned over all manufacturing and distribution of the Salmon Scenters to the fine folks at Silver Horde tackle company (425-778-2640). We here at Salmon University can now concentrate on doing what we're good at, which is providing a quality educational fishing website for you all to enjoy.
For more info on how to get your hands on some of these Salmon Scenters, see the bottom of this page.

Introducing the newly-designed Salmon Scenter™

The Salmon Scenter™ is a scent delivery system designed to attract fish.

Testing by the Pro-Staff from Salmon University showed an overall increase in catch, as well as a noticeable increase in catch of marked (fin-clipped) hatchery fish.

The Salmon Scenter produces a scent trail in the water. Fish follow the scent trail to your lure. So, attach one above your downrigger weight and start catching more fish.

Perfected from years of research by the Pro-Staff from Salmon University, the Salmon Scenter is a scent delivery system for the downrigger fisherman. From a great distance away, food fish home in on the potent scent trail being distributed into the downrigger spreads. It is this unique quality that makes the Salmon Scenter highly effective at attracting a large audience of fish. Other scent products anglers normally add to their lures are still great to use, as they help mask your human scent and will help the food fish home in on the actual lure after being attracted to the downrigger by the Salmon Scenter.

Actual baitfish and other ingredients are used in the manufacture of the scent producing nuggets. Research and testing of the scent nugget recipe has isolated what is believed to be the most effective formulation for attracting food fish hatchery stocks. The mesh design of the Salmon Scenter allows only the scent from the scent nuggets to escape into the water, while keeping the bulk of the nuggets contained for longer distribution of the active scent ingredients.

Directions for use when trolling:
Using the built-in snap, attach the Salmon Scenter just above your downrigger weight. In order to create a total scent pattern in the downrigger spreads, we recommend that each downrigger be outfitted with a Salmon Scenter. Under normal conditions a Salmon Scenter will last for a days fishing. The scent nuggets will continue to produce scent until completely dissolved.

Directions for use in Crab or Shrimp Pots:
The Salmon Scenter can be used to enhance your crab or shrimp bait for added scent appeal. Scent from the scent nuggets will seep out into the current, drawing shrimp and crabs to your pots. It is recommended that the Salmon Scenter be placed inside a bait jar when being used to improve your bait, otherwise the crab or shrimp can tear the mesh, releasing the nuggets.

The Salmon Scenter™ is manufactured and distributed by Silver Horde tackle company, and will be available soon at tackle stores everywhere. If your local shop does not yet carry the Salmon Scenter™, have them contact Silver Horde at 425-778-2640.

Not for human consumption.
Check your local fishing regs for proper use.