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How to rig cutplug herring
How to smoke salmon
Smoked salmon recipe #1
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How to brine herring
How to fillet salmon
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Ask the Pros

Here is your chance to ask the pros the questions you've always wanted to ask. Due to the volume of questions, they can't answer all your questions directly, but monthly they will post answers to selected questions here on our site. Due to the number of emails we receive we must limit it to one question per person per month. Also due to the volume of emails, Tom does not have time to answer any "fishing report" style questions, if you would like a fishing report, please refer to our fishing reports page. If you have further "fishing report" questions, please phone the contacts listed on the fishing reports page.

Before you ask a question, please realize that Tom receives over 100 e-mailed questions a week so give him sufficient time to respond. Please also check below to make sure your question hasn't already been answered as he will not answer previous asked and answered questions.

Ask the Pros - Tom Nelson with a nice King Salmon
To ask Tom Nelson a question, click here.

Due to the volume of Q&A's we now have archived, we have restructured this page in index form, please click on the type of question you're interested in, and all the Q&A's for that subject will be listed.

Here is an index of some of our recent questions:
Rods, reels, line
Terminal tackle
Bait and scents
Trolling method, speed, etc.
Boat equipment & electronics
Fish species & identification
Weather, tides, and currents
Specific area questions, run timing – Puget Sound
Specific area questions, run timing – San Juan Islands
Specific area questions, run timing – Strait of Juan de Fuca
Specific area questions, run timing – Washington coast
Specific area questions, run timing – British Columbia
Specific area questions, run timing – general

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