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Seas & Lakes manufacture one of the finest downrigger release clips on the market today. Their release clips produce the most consistent release from a fish strike and are extremely adjustable regardless of whether you're fishing a single herring in 10 ft of water or a large flasher very deep. You can dial in the same release pressure each and every time you send it down the downrigger wire.

How to Rig a ProRelease Downrigger Clip

Hold the ProRelease so the bobbin faces the stern of the boat. Adjust the knurled tension nut for the amount of release tension you desire for the game fish you're targeting. This can be done first by selecting the small or large Rubber Disk setting "L" or "S" and using the tension nut.

Start wrapping close to the ProRelease. Take 5-6 even wraps make sure none of the wraps overlap each other. Wrap towards the end of the bobbin; this is critical and where people have the most problems.

The last wrap needs to end up at the edge of the bobbin so when it opens it is pointed at the lure. If not you have just made 5-6 half hitches and it will not release the line.

Snap the bobbin shut. Before fishing examine it to ensure the line is not twisted or tangled.


You're now ready to fish.

For best results keep plenty of tension on the rod to release clip.

Consistent release pressure each and every time allows the ProRelease to deliver exceptional results.

Capt. John Keizer







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