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TICA’s SEASPIRIT Reels: The 248 and 348 line counter reels shown above

The  SEASPIRIT reels are an exceptional value and will make a wonderful gift for the angler in your life.  Those reasons are: Quality Construction, Versatility, Unique Quick-Change Spool and Modest Price!

Quality Construction: The SEASPIRIT reels have five sealed precision stainless ball bearings, an extremely smooth drag, forged aluminum spools, and the handle length is adjustable.  The handle is also equipped with power knob to make it easy to hold on to even under wet conditions. 

Versatility: There are eight models to meet the needs of the avid anglers in the PNW.  Four of these models have line counters.  The line counter mechanism on the SEASPIRIT reels are “in-line” counters.  And unlike other manufactures, TICA has recessed the counter mechanisms into the reel frame.  Therefore, the counters do not hang up on rod holders. 

The line counter models SA248R/C and SA348R/C both have a 5 to 1 gear ratio. The SEASPIRIT SA248R/C is the smaller of these two models and holds 250 yards of 17-pound mono.  Its smaller size makes it easy to “palm” when “mooching”and “jigging”.  In addition, it is easier for women and children to use as its smaller size is easier for them to grip.

The SEASPIRIT SA348R/C holds 330 yards of 17-pound mono.  Its larger capacity makes it the ideal size as both down rigger and deep-water bottom fish reel.

TICA’s SEASPIRIT Reels allow anglers the option of quickly changing line types or line sizes!

Unique Quick-Change Spool:  Spool changes are easily done by removing the threaded side plate.  Spools changes are so fast, that you can change spools in less time than it takes to re-run the line through the guides on the rod!  The threaded side plate also allows you quick and easy access to periodically clean and grease the reel.

Purchase an extra spool and you will not need to purchase another reel!  Just fill one spool with mono and you are all set for downrigger fishing.   Fill the other spool with braid and you are set for “mooching”, pulling plugs, “jigging”, fishing the Columbia River and for bottom fishing!

Modest Price:  The SEASPIRIT SA248R/C and SEASPIRIT SA348R/C each retail for approximately $99.  Purchase your choice of reel and an extra spool (cost about $28) and you get the functionality of two quality reels for only about $130! 

Go to the TICA website for the complete data on the SEASPIRIT reels.   www.ticaamerica.com


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