All Purpose Salmon Rods

By on June 26, 2015

Each week one of the Salmon University experts answers reader questions in our “Ask a Pro” feature. This week’s questions are answered by Tom Nelson. Submit your own question here.


Q: What is the best time to fish for humpies in Deception Pass (fishing from the shore)? Thanks- Jeff

A: Hi Jeff – the best time to fish for Humpies in Deception Pass from the shore is August. You may also start to pick-up Coho in September.



Q: I understand that there are rods specifically designed for the general types of fishing that occurs in the Sound but I would like to get a quick recommendation for an “all purpose” rod for salmon fishing. I will be fishing 95% of the time in my 12 foot Valco and will likely be mouching, jigging, or running divers with bait. I understand that each of these methods may require a different spec rod but any suggestions, i.e. length, lure weight, line weight, would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to spend around $75-100 for the rod and I currently have my eyes set on the Lamiglas LX 96 HC. Thanks for the suggestions – Chad

A: Hi Chad-  the Lamiglas LX 96 HC is a very nice rod and you would be very pleased with it. You might also want to look at the Tica Downrigger Rod DHEA 90-M2. While this rod is marked Downrigger, it really should be called the “Classic” rod. It is primarily fiberglass, works well off a downrigger, would be good for mooching or running divers and usually sells for less than $50.00. It is an excellent all-purpose rod. For jigging, you almost have to purchase a rod that is used specifically for jigging or an expensive graphite rod. You may want to check out the TICA line as they are more inexpensive, but very good quality. I’ve always told people if you need to save money, save it on the price of the rod and buy a better reel. The reel is actually what ties you to the fish and helps you control it.

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Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson is the publisher of Known throughout the Pacific Northwest as the “Dean of Saltwater Fishing,” he has helped develop and test tackle and gear for Scotty, Pro-Troll and Silver Horde, is a regular speaker at area sports shows, has taught more than 5,000 students how to fish during his classes at western Washington community colleges, and is the co-founder of the Puget Sound Anglers.