Rivers Inlet

King Salmon ResortTwenty-two miles of pristine wilderness combined with three legendary salmon rivers make for one unforgettable fishing destination.

Rivers Inlet draws anglers from around the world. Each year, fishermen fly in to remote lodges with one goal: to land the fish of a lifetime. Over the years, they’ve heard stories of the truly massive Chinook that lurk in the inlet. Who wouldn’t get excited about battling a 60 lb. Chinook just minutes from the dock? And what about those 80+ lb. behemoths that keep fishermen awake at night?

As with many trophy fisheries, patience is a must. The huge Chinook in the inlet have slowed their feeding and attack bait more out of instinct than hunger. But when they strike, they strike hard, and any angler who lands one of these trophy specimens will tell you the thrill is well worth the wait.

In the course of a trip, anglers have the opportunity to fish both ends of the inlet. Most people fish the mouth of the inlet in the mornings and work their way back up the inlet over the course of the day. The Wall and Crow’s Nest are popular Chinook and Coho producers and there are some solid halibut opportunities at the mouth as well.

Cruising to the fishing groundsAt the head of the inlet you can see the glacial freshwater mix with the Pacific Ocean. Favourite fishing spots include Kilbella Bay, The Slide, Whale Rock and Marker 16.

The History of Rivers Inlet

Back in 1867 – the year Canada became a country – a wave of excitement spread across the dominion. The thundering salmon runs of British Columbia had become famous and prospectors flocked to the remote reaches of the coast in hopes of striking it rich in the fishing game.

Over the following years, British, Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Scandinavians and natives worked the teeming waters of Rivers Inlet throughout the summer.

Today, the canneries are gone but the mystique and promise of Rivers Inlet and its mighty fish continue to draw anglers from around the world.

Father and daughter team landed this 50 lb Chinook at King Salmon Resort

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