Atlantic Salmon Catch Guide

By on August 25, 2017

This Accident is One of the Best Things Ever to Have Happened to San Juan Islands Fishing, Writes Wayne Heinz

Never in memory have so many anglers caught so many fish so fast and so easily.

Here’s how:

1. Take your steelhead spinning rod, put a 3/8 oz. banana sinker on your line.

2. Below it, put a 5-foot leader and a small hook (#2).

3. On the hook, put Berkley Trout Power Bait (we are using brown sparkle, but I think anything would work).

4. Anchor your boat in about 30-feet of water near the broken fish farm pen.  Cast your bait, let it sink 5-10 feet, and then slowly bring it back to the boat.  The salmon will hit it every cast.

The salmon are running 10-14 lbs.  They fight hard, go airborne and they are delicious eating.   This is the opportunity of a lifetime to catch as many fish as you want without being arrested by the game warden.  Bring your kids –  this is a great fishing opportunity for them.

How to care for your Atlantic salmon for good flavor:

  • Immediately when caught; hit them in the head.
  • Cut their gills and let them bleed out for 10 minutes.
  • Clean them within 20 minutes.
  • Ice them down.
  • Enjoy!

Wayne Heinz