Fishing Reports for December 7

By on December 7, 2017


Marine Area 1 (Ilwaco)

no report this week

Marine Area 2 (Westport)

no report this week

Marine Area 3 (LaPush and Forks)

no report this week

Marine Area 4 (Neah Bay)

no report this week

Marine Area 5

no report this week

Marine Area 6

no report this week

Marine Area 7

no report this week

Marine Area 8.1

no report this week

Marine Area 8.2

no report this week

Marine Area 9 (Admirality Inlet)

With Area 9 hopefully going to re-open early next year we have moved North for our lure testing. The new Silver Knight Herring Aides are due to be released at the upcoming Sportsman Show and the Boat Show. These use the Herring Aide pattern with UV coating but use a real Silver Plating instead of the glow on the back. For the past month or so we have put many hours on them in depths between 70-120 feet and they work great. In Canada, we are using extra long 25 pound leaders (5ft) behind our flashers.

See you on the water!

Report submitted by Nelson “Spud” Goodsell – Salmon for Soldiers, IGFA Life Member, FISHTALE2. The cover image of this week’s fishing reports was also contributed by Goodsell.

Marine Area 10

no report this week

Marine Area 11

The salmon fishing for predominately immature Chinook has been pretty good, with salmon being caught in all of the usual places for this time of year like the Clay Bank area, Slag Pile area, Pt. Evans, Pt. Dalco and Quartermaster Harbor focus in the depth ranges of 120’ to 160’ of water and around 10’ off of bottom. Trolling, Mooching and Jigging have all been successful. There is bait all over the area which has drawn a good number of immature Chinook and kept them around, be careful in releasing any unclipped and under 22” Chinook salmon.

There will be no winter Dungeness crabbing this winter in MA 11.

The Squid fishing seems to be best at high tide off the pier and is even better if that is just before sundown. Squid fishing has slowed some over the weekend. Time will tell.

Boat fishing for squid is best in 50-100 feet of water just off the bottom. For the latest report updates call (253)591-5325.

Squid Fishing Class January 13, 4-6 pm Ages 8+ Cost $15 Learn the fundamentals of squid fishing to include regulations, tackle, equipment, rigging, catching, cleaning and cooking. More information (253)591-5325. Squid will all but have tapered off so we will focus on preparations for 2018 fall season and making jigs

Polar Bear Plunge January 1, 2018 11:30 am at Point Defiance Marina Boat Launch. Free BECU and Bloodworks NW Sponsor T shirt (400) and hot beverages and snack bars. Volunteers Needed; email

Crabbing is closed until further notice on a winter crabbing in January, 2018

Point Defiance Marina has rental boats and motors and launch and overnight moorage facilities with pump out stations and shore power. In addition, we have storage space for boats up to 17 feet as well as kayak storage . For more information call 253-591-5325.

Hours are 6:30 am to 5 pm 7 days a week currently.

Report submitted by Point Defiance Marina. For more information contact: Art Tachell, Boathouse Marina Technician, 253.591.5325

Marine Area 12

no report this week

Freshwater – Grays Harbor Rivers

Photo courtesy of Team ARSC guides Ian Winder and Cary Hoffman.

We’re finally getting a break from the heavy rains and the rivers are dropping into shape nicely. There’s a good showing of B-run Coho throughout and a few steelhead now. With the dirty water now the Coho are making up most of the catches but the Steelhead will bite better and better as the conditions improve.

We like to cast #5 and #6 Vibrax spinners for Coho when the water is dirty and feather Jigs as the water clears up.

Bobber-doggin cured eggs is our first choice for targeting Steelhead. We’ll also catch a few Coho and even the occasional “Christmas King” on the egg rods as well.

All of the Grays Harbor rivers have late Coho right now but be sure to check the regulations for specific rules. Good luck out there!

Report submitted by Mark Coleman, All River and Saltwater Charters; 425-736-8920 

Freshwater – Lake Chelan

I’ve been fishing Lake Chelan at least once a week over the past three weeks. Each trip has produced limits of 13-14″ Kokanee before noon. I’ve primarily concentrated on waters between the state park and 25 Mile Creek. Fish are running between 40′ and 120′ deep with the majority of fish concentrated on a weak a thermocline around 70′ mark. I’ve had bonus catches of land locked Chinook Salmon up to 6 lbs as well as the occasional Mackinaw on each trip.

As I lack downriggers I’ve been catching the majority of fish running sliding dropper rigs with 6 oz cannonballs at 100′ producing the vast majority of fish. The new hammered moon jelly uv stripe Paulina Peak Tackle Big-I dodgers in orange paired with their “Wickiup Sunrise” (orange/chartreuse) microhoochies have produced the majority of my fish. Tipping these with corn soaked in Pro-cure’s Garlic Bloody Tuna Oil or Gulp maggots soaked in water soluble shrimp oil is producing fish equally. This is some superb winter Kokanee angling with some stunning views of snow-capped mountains right now. Get out there!

Report submitted by Tyler Hicks, Cascadia Kayak Angler, North 40 Outfitters – Fishing,, 509-422-9840. 

Freshwater – Potholes Reservoir

The fishing pressure here at Potholes was non existent. With the water level still rising the fish are on the move looking for their next meal. Also, the cooling water temperature slows down their metabolism and need to feed. Water fowl continue to pile into the area. Just yesterday, and while in Moses Lake, the sky was covered with birds; most all are northern birds. Field hunting remains good, both for ducks and geese. One day guides were done before 8 AM. However, the next day it took until late afternoon to be done. This morning we saw the temperature at 21 degrees yet mid day like yesterday it was no jacket required. The temperatures this week are remaining cold and all water fowl will be feeding more often.

Submitted by Tom Pollack (retired)

British Columbia


Captain Jay with a couple nice November winter chinook

Captain Jay with a couple nice November winter chinook

We have had a very good start to our winter chinook season. Usually late November/early December is when things really start to get going in our locally fishery. This year we have had consistent fishing since the middle of October.

There is a mix of legal and undersized fish as per usual in local waters. Some days you have to weed through the undersized to get a keeper or two, but the action is typically quite consistent. We are looking forward to a good month of fishing ahead!

Prawning and crabbing have also been pretty good. We have been dropping traps on our full day trips as long as weather permits.

We are open all the way through the Christmas Holidays, give us a call if you would like to get out on a charter!

For more info call Jeff or Jason at Bon Chovy Fishing Charters (604) 763-5460, email: The cover image of this week’s report was also contributed by Bon Chovy. It shows Shannon with a healthy Georgia Strait Winter Chinook.

Alberni Inlet, Barkley Sound, and Ucluelet

no report this week


no report this week

Becher Bay

Salmon fishing was GOOD this past week. Most of the fish seen at Cheanuh Marina came from the Church Rock to Whirl Bay and were running up to 11 lbs in size. A few fish have been caught inside the bay but most of them have been small shakers. The majority of anglers are using spoons with Coho Killers, Gibbs Skinny G’s in green/glow and green/silver colors the favorites. The GIBBS Highliner Guide Series Outfitters, Madi, Lemon Lime and Green/Glow Hot Spot have been working well. Fish close to the bottom for the winter springs and in 120 to 160 depths.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;

Oak Bay

Salmon fishing was SLOW in Oak Bay this past week. There were a few salmon coming in from the Flats and the Gap but most of them have been fairly small with a 8 lb fish the largest size that we have heard about. There was bait in Oak Bay this past week so things are looking up. The salmon are feeding on needle fish and have been close to the bottom where the feed is located. Most of the anglers have been either bottom bouncing or jigging close to the bottom.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;

Pedder Bay

Pedder Bay Marina reports FAIR fishing.  It has been slower inside the bay but better around the corner in Whirl Bay and near Church Rock. Most of the fish have been close to the bottom in 120 – 160 feet of water. The salmon have been from 3 to 6 lbs in size with the occasional larger fish.  Spoons have been producing the best and the Skinny G’s, AP Tackleworks and Coho Killers are the top choices. Green with either silver or glow has been the color choice in spoons. Hootchies and squirts with a green and glow, or UV white have been popular color choices for plastic baits. Flashers that are popular include the Guide Series Madi, Outfitters and Lemon Lime.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;


Salmon fishing was SLOW in the Sidney area. Anglers have been some success for springs up to 10 lbs near Coal Island and in the Sidney Channel. Most of the salmon in the area have been undersized though. Anglers using spoons found that Coho Killers, Gibbs Needle G and 3.5″ G Force spoons the most productive this past week. Suggested colours are Trap Shack and Bon Chovy. Anchovies and Tiny Strip were also good producers of fish with teaser heads in UV Purple.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;


The salmon fishing was GOOD this past week. Winter springs as large as 10 lbs were caught this past week, but there were lots of small ones biting all the time. The best locations to fish for winter springs have been from the Bluffs west to Muir Creek. Most of the fish are quite close to the bottom in 100 – 140 feet of water. Spoons such as Coho Killers, Skinny G’s, and 3.5″ G Force spoons have been good. Anchovies are still a popular choice but with all the small fish around not too may anglers are fishing them. Good choices for teaser head colors are Chartreuse, Bloody Nose and Purple Haze.  For flashers, Red/Silver Hot Spots, the Delta Guide Series UV Moon Jelly, Madi and the Lemon Lime Chartreuse are good choices. Hootchies in White, Glow/Green and Purple Haze are the top choices in plastic baits.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;


Fishing for salmon was GOOD off the waterfront this past week. Constance Bank was the best spot to fish and anglers were catching lots of salmon there. Most of the salmon have been small but there have been some up to 10 lbs in size. Unfortunately, most of the salmon have been very small, just below or just about the minimum size, so you usually have to release a lot of small ones before you have your limit of larger keepers. Closer in, some salmon were between Trial Island and Finlayson Point in about 120-140 feet of water. We also heard of a couple of keepers caught near Macauley Point. Spoons have been successful in getting hook ups with Irish Cream Skinny G’s, Green/Glow AP Tackleworks Anchovy 4” spoons and Green/Glow Coyote spoons popular choices.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;

Lakes and Rivers

The Cowichan River is still blown out and fishing is difficult. The water level is 2.55 meters near the lake and 2.05 meters near Duncan today.  Coho and chum salmon fishing is now open from the White Bridge upstream through the mid river and there should be a few steelhead in the river now. Fishing for trout in the fly only area had been good with the arrival of lots of salmon in the upper river but the high water has really put a damper on the fishing. Now is the time to fish egg patterns for trout. For salmon, jigs have been productive.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;


Tillamook Bay

no report this week

Willamette River

no report this week

Great Lakes

Lake Michigan

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