Fishing Reports for July 3

By on July 2, 2019


Marine Area 1 (Ilwaco)

no report this week

Marine Area 2 (Westport)

no report this week

no report this week

Marine Area 4 (Neah Bay)

no report this week

Marine Area 5

no report this week

Marine Area 6

no report this week

Marine Area 7

no report this week

Marine Area 8.1

no report this week

Marine Area 8.2

no report this week

Marine Area 9 (Admirality Inlet)

no report this week

Marine Area 10

no report this week

Marine Area 11

Salmon reopened July 1st in MA11 with pretty good success, most people targeted Chinook from the Slag area all the way to the Shelf/Flats and the best method was trolling flasher and spoons, artificial squid and plugs.

Best depths ranged from 130’ to 160’ of water and within about 10’ of bottom.

MA13 was pretty good as well at Pt. Gibson and Pt. Fosdick. For a more updated report call (253)404-3960.

There is no crabbing in MA 11 or 13.

Point Defiance Marina has rental boats and motors and launch and overnight moorage facilities with pump out stations and shore power. In addition, we have storage space for boats up to 17 feet as well as kayak storage. Please call ahead if there is wind or fog to see if rental boats are able to be out due to limited visibility. We have many items for those seeking gifts as well as gift cards. For more information call 253-404-3960.

Hours are 5 am to 9 pm 7 days a week. Tenants have until 9:15 pm for the elevators.

Report submitted by Point Defiance Marina. For more information contact: Gene Anderson, Boathouse Marina Technician, 253.591.5325

Marine Area 12

no report this week

Freshwater – Grays Harbor Rivers

no report this week

British Columbia


no report this week

Barkley Sound, Port Alberni, and Ucluelet

Guides Doug and John on left with Ontario Group fishing in Barley Sound show their catch on a great sunny west coast day.

July is a wonderful month for sport fishing in the Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound. The area begins to fill with travelers and various eager and keen anglers world-wide. West Coast Vancouver Island and the Pacific Rim is a wonderful place to visit and one of the world’s majestic and scenic areas. The Alberni Inlet was to be an area where perhaps during July there would some great Sockeye sport fishing opportunity. Sockeye Salmon numbers returning to the Somass River are currently forecast to be at three hundred thousand. This is definitely a much lower number than what was previously forecast. The Sockeye headed to the Somass system are not schooling out in the inlet and are moving to the river system very quickly. If the air temperature rises to daily temperatures in the thirties the water will warm and this may slow the migration down. This very well could lead to a few weeks of Sockeye sport fishing. The current retention limit is two and will likely hold there through the month.

Jordan of Edmonton Alberta landed this Chinook salmon using a white hootchie fishing close to Swale rock in Barkley sound.

Barkley Sound has had some fairly good Chinook fishing in May and especially the last two weeks of June. The “early” and mid- summer run of migratory Chinook headed to the big watersheds to the south have been relatively decent. Barkley Sound has had ample amounts of rich nutrient bait fish which are bringing the salmon in from offshore waters to feed. The surf line areas and inshore areas along the Bamfield Wall, Austin, and Cree Island and Swale Rock are excellent locations for some of those chrome Chinook which are making their long journey to their natal rivers and streams. There have also been a good number of Coho up to seven pounds in many of the areas.

Port Alberni Inlet

Anglers have the best opportunity to land Sockeye when they school in big numbers. This historically occurs when the water temperature in the Somass River and Alberni Inlet hits eighteen degrees Celsius. The Sockeye school from Cous Creek out to the Nahmint Franklin area. With the projected outlook for Sockeye returns to be relatively low, as mentioned, the fishing for sport to date has been very slow.

The Sockeye in the Alberni Inlet are currently sitting in the top thirty-five feet of water and are migrating right to the Somass River. As the water in the Alberni Inlet warms they will swim down into deeper and cooler water. Sockeye hit short leader lengths from eighteen to twenty-five inches in length behind a variety of hotspot flashers. The mp2, mp15, pink and blue, pink and black, and the pink with either the green or white head hootchies all seem to work very well for most sport anglers. Sockeye are attracted to the boat by color. Many sport fishermen will often have eight flashers behind their boat. Four are often dummy flashers and the other four with hootchies of choice. The Sockeye will average four to eight pounds. Sockeye are the number one commercial salmon. They are wonderful for summer barbeques and when vacuum packed properly last the winter for those special occasions.

Barkley Sound and Ucluelet

The salmon fishing in Barkley Sound and close to Ucluelet over the past week has been very good. The best fishing has been out on surf line areas and up coast from the Ucluelet Harbor. Fishermen have had opportunity to fish up to one mile offshore and have a retention of two Chinook and Two Coho. The islands close to the Ucluelet Harbor Mouth, Meares, Austin, Cree Island, Kirby Point, Edward King and the Bamfield Wall To Cape Beale have all had times during the past few weeks with some hot Chinook and Coho sport fishing. Areas close to the Ucluelet Harbor that have had a few fantastic fishing days are Florencia, Great Bear and Sail Rock. The salmon in the Sound or inside waters have been hitting anchovy in green glow, army truck, and green haze Teaser Heads. Needle fish hootchies and hootchies in green (spatterback), blue and white have worked well. The cuttlefish in Pistachio, various whites, and even for some anglers army truck have been fabulous. A variety of Skinny G’s, Big Eye and coyote spoons in the three and four-inch sizes have been working very well. Herring Aide, sardine, no bananas, and cookies and cream have all been excellent choices. The fish in Barkley Sound have been from sixty-five to one hundred feet. We are looking forward to some great sport fishing opportunities during the full month of July and August in Barkley Sound, the Alberni Inlet and offshore. Offshore fishing opens on the 15th of July 2019. The numbers of transient Chinook and Coho headed to the big watersheds to the south are forecast to be average which should provide some very excellent sport salmon fishing. In August returns of Chinook and Coho to West Vancouver Island river systems and hatcheries are forecast to be one of the highest yearly returns in decades.

For more information and/or reservations, call Doug Lindores at Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing (250) 723-2435; (250)724-2502; cell (250)731-7389 or 1-877-214-7206 or; The cover image of this week’s report was also contributed by Lindores. It shows Jin from Ontario.

The fishing went from being mediocre in mid June to having great numbers of Chinook running along the shore along with lots of feed to keep them there. The best part for avid fisherman is that the size has been larger than expected. Our guide Darren landed the first Tyee of the year a couple days ago and there have been more Chinook in the 20’s than expected. Of course we are also getting lots in the teens. And the news gets even better!

Coho have also come in close to shore in good numbers so that means we are getting lots of action throughout the morning. Our prediction at the beginning of the year was 2-3 times as many Coho as last year and we are starting to see that come to pass. Catching salmon in shallow water is always more fun and having incredible scenery is also a nice bonus. Small Silver Horde Spoons and white hutchies have been staples.

Halibut fishing has continued to be good. The boats are generally getting from 2-5 halibut per trip out to the bank. Most of the halibut are coming on anchor though it won’t be long before we are also bottom bouncing and trolling for halibut.

Submitted by Sam Vandervalk of Salmon Eye Charters (1-877-777-4344). Salmon Eye is recommended by USA Today, Cruise America and New York Times bestselling author Peter Greenberg in his book The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to the Greatest Experiences Around the World.  

Becher Bay

Salmon fishing had been GOOD near Becher Bay. Anglers reported springs at 40 to 90 feet between Creyke Point and Beechey Head and towards the Trap Shack. Several large springs have been recently. Anglers were mostly using spoons for lures. Good spoons have been Skinny G’s, Coho Killers and Coyotes with green in the colour mix.  Anchovies were working too and good colours for teaser heads were Chartreuse, Tiger Prawn and Bloody Nose. Needlefish hootchies in White, Glow/Green and Purple Haze are the top choices in plastic baits. The GIBBS Highliner Guide Series Outfitters, the Bon Chovy, and Gold Fever Hot Spot flashers had been working well. Other anglers that we know of fishing here were out for halibut and lingcod. Halibut fishing was GOOD, and some nice Lingcod were taken as well.
Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;

Oak Bay

Catch and release chinook fishing was GOOD in Oak Bay. Springs in the 10 lb. to 25 lb. size were caught both jigging and trolling on the Flats. Trollers were catching the salmon bottom bouncing spoons in 90 – 120 feet of water. Coho killers, Wee G’s and AP Tackleworks Sandlance spoons have been the spoons of choice. Squirts will also work with Jelly fish and Electric Chairs good bets. Jiggers had been having great success near Brodie Rock using Deep Stingers and Point Wilson Darts. Halibut fishing was GOOD in this area.
Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969; The cover image of this week’s reports was also contributed by Vaida. 

Pedder Bay

Pedder Bay Marina reported that no one has been salmon fishing this past week due to the chinook retention closure. The only anglers that we know of fishing here were out for halibut, lingcod and crabs. Halibut fishing was EXCELLENT with most boats having at least one halibut on board. Lingcod fishing and crabbing was GOOD this past week. Coyote style spoons had been working well for springs when people were fishing for them. Anchovies in green glow teaser had also been effective. Good choices for teaser head colors are Bloody Nose, Chartreuse and Purple Haze.  Hootchies and squirts were working with green and glow, Purple Haze or UV white good color choices.  Flashers that are popular include the Guide Series Madi, Bon Chovy and Lemon Lime.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;


Sidney Spit, the Powder Warf and Cole Island were EXCELLENT this past week, fish into the mid 20’s were being caught by troller’s and jiggers. The Luhrs working the best were the deep stingers and gibs minos in 3 oz, blue nickel, chrome and green nickel. Prawning has slowed down in Saanich Inlet. More anglers were prawning than fishing for finfish. Suggested spoons are Coho Killers, Gibbs Skinny G and Wee G spoons and AP Tackleworks Sandlance spoons. Suggested colours are Cop Car and Trap Shack. Anchovies and Tiny Strip were also good in Glow or UV Purple teaser heads.
Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;


Salmon fishing has been GREAT this past week, there have been many Coho some hatchery and some wild showing up in 200-300 feet of water. Spoons such as Skinny G’s, specifically the Irish cream, Coho Killers and 4″ Coyote spoons have been good. Green and glow has been the best color combination for spoons. Hootchies in White, Glow/Green and Purple Haze are the top choices in plastic baits. Anchovies and herring have been great as well. Good choices for teaser head colors are Chartreuse, Glo Green and Bloody Nose. Popular flashers have been the Fandom Flasher Jelly Fish Glow, The Bon Chovy, the Madi and the Super Betsey.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;


No report this week.


Salmon fishing was GOOD at Constance Bank for catch and release chinook fishing. That said, most anglers that we know of fishing were out for halibut, rockfish and lingcod. The halibut fishing was EXCELLENT, especially out at the Mud Hole. Closer in along the waterfront it had been SLOW for springs with the most productive area being from Esquimalt to Brotchie Ledge. Anglers had been trolling close to the bottom in 80 to 140 feet of water. Anchovies and herring had been working the best and glow teaser heads were better than the non glow colours. Spoons had been working very well with Skinny G’s and Coho Killers in Irish Cream, Outfitters and the AP Tackleworks 3” herring spoon good choices.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969; 

Lakes and Rivers

Fishing was GOOD for trout and EXCELLENT for bass.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969;


no report this week


Tillamook Bay

no report this week

Willamette River

no report this week

Great Lakes

no report this week

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