Update on Port Angeles boat ramps prior to halibut opening next week…

By on March 26, 2024

On March 8th, 2024 we had reported here that the Port Angeles Ediz hook boat ramp, which is used extensively by halibut and salmon fishermen, had floats that had been weather damaged – and the City of Port Angeles, which runs that boat ramp, had said that they would not be installing floats there this year, or possibly for a couple of years, with complications in funding and needing studies / planning to construct new floats and possibly a seawall. Link to March 8th article here.

Since March 8th, both the Port of Port Angeles (which owns / runs the Port Angeles Boat Haven boat ramp) and the City of Port Angeles (which runs the Ediz Hook boat ramp) have held meetings in which their boat ramps have been topics of discussion. Both meetings were attended by North Olympic Peninsula Chapter Puget Sound Anglers (NOPC PSA) members, and a few of these members were able to speak at the Port of Port Angeles board meeting.

The results of these meetings are as follows:
The City of Port Angeles Ediz Hook boat ramp now (as of March 25th) has six floats installed on one string. I believe one full string is normally nine floats, so 18 floats would be a full boat ramp. Six floats is obviously a bit short at low tide (see picture). The City of PA representatives are now saying that more floats will be installed as they are repaired. All of the floats that were sitting in the parking area out on Ediz Hook when I photographed them on March 8th were removed and taken somewhere else around March 12th-13th – presumably to a City of PA maintenance area, where they’re saying as many of them will be repaired as is possible.

Ediz Hook boat ramp

Ediz Hook boat ramp 03/25/24


Ediz Hook boat ramp parking area with floats removed, 03/25/24

The Port of Port Angeles Boat Haven boat ramp (as of March 25th) does not yet have its floats installed, but PoPA authorities have have assured us that their floats are in good repair and will be installed before the beginning of April (which means installed sometime this week).

Port of Port Angeles Boat Haven boat ramp, 03/25/24

When the topic of the unused Port of Port Angeles Boat Haven East boat ramp was brought up at the PoPA board meeting as an option if the Ediz Hook ramp remained closed, PSA members were told that the East Boat Haven ramp had been condemned years ago, and would remain closed.

We’ll keep you updated here when we have any news.

Port of Port Angeles Boat Haven East boat ramp, long closed and reported as “condemned”

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