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How to Smoke Salmon - Recipe #1

The following recipe is a very simple dry-brine recipe for smoking salmon and other fish. This is the recipe I almost always use when I smoke my own fish.

What you will need – Ingredients
You will need the following to make this recipe:

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Salmon fillets - however many you have, or however many will fit in your smoker at one time
Dark brown sugar - the amount depends upon how much fish you have... see the next page for details
Non-iodized salt (canning salt works well)
Garlic, preferably fresh pressed garlic
A large bowl to mix the dry brine in
A non-metallic container (glass, enamel, plastic) to brine the fish in
A smoker to smoke the fish in
Preferred, but not required  a vacuum packer and bags to package your finished product.

How-to – the steps involved
Here are the steps that we will follow:
Preparing the fish
Preparing the dry brine
Brining the fish
Rinsing / drying the fish
Smoking the fish
Packaging the fish