Salmon University Annual 2-Day Seminar


Every year in March, Salmon University holds their 2-Day Salt Water Fishing Seminar in Renton Washington at the Ikea Performing Arts Centre. The Seminar is limited to 300 Lucky Anglers. Check out the photos and read some of the comments of those anglers who attended the two day seminar in the past.





Attendees listening to one of the many daily topics.



“Tom; thank you so much for getting me in. I can not believe how much great
information!!!!!!!!! My wife already made a run on me and said well great
now you know everything and will not have to attend next year. I immediately
hit her with a full frontal attack and quickly shifted to begging so I hope
to bring my son as well next year. Thanks again. Oh what chapter do you
belong to I would like to hook up (pretty good hook up) anyway with the
group”. Fred




Ikea Performing Arts Center has excellent Audio/Visual Capability



Tom ,what a great weekend .I picked up so much more info on all fishing  that

I can hardy wait to try it out. This is the best way to spend time with some

great people”. Thank you  Pete




Tom Nelson lecturing on downrigger fishing


" I just wanted to thank you for a great weekend. I totally enjoyed the weekend. I am new to the area and have found there is so much new to learn to fish here in the Northwest. Last weekend put a lot of things into perspective for me"
Thanks Gary





Tom Pollack explaining the in and outs of crabbing and shrimping.


"This was by far the best education on salmon fishing anyone possible could get in one weekend. The best money I have spent on fishing ever."
Thanks Doug




Fully rigged Salmon University boats were on hand for anglers to look over  


One word guys “Fantastic”




There were many tackle reps on hand displaying the latest in equipment and tackle.


"Worth every dollar, can't wait to start trying some of the techniques I learned. Thanks a lot guys see you next March”






"Tom, I have been coming to the SU seminar for 3 straight years and keep leaning more each and every time"

Clark DDS




Terry Rudnick tells everyone how to catch trophy halibut 


Tom - "This was the most informative and professional events of this type I have ever attended. I can't tell you how much I have learned"





SU is two full fun packed days of total fishing education





March 29th & 30th