WDFW: Chinook Retention Suspended in MA 10

By on August 23, 2021

August 20, 2021

Chinook Retention Suspended in Marine Area 10

Action:  Suspends retention of Chinook Salmon.

Effective date:  12:00 AM August 22 through August 31, 2021

Species affected:  Chinook Salmon

Location:  Marine Area 10, except Sinclair Inlet Fishery area

Rule:  Salmon daily limit 2. No min. size. Release chum and Chinook.

Reason for action: The sublegal size encounter limit for the Chinook mark selective fishery has been reached. The area is closing to Chinook retention, but fishing for coho and pink salmon remains open.

Additional Information:  This rule does not effect year round fishing piers – Bremerton Boardwalk, Illahee State Park Pier, Seacrest Pier, and Waterman Pier.

Information contact:  Fish Program, 360 902-2700

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