A Salmon for Every Occasion

By on June 11, 2013

Alder Planked Side of Salmon

AlderSalmonA great dish that is perfect for feeding a group of people.

I took a full side of a 16lb Chinook that I caught the week earlier and removed the pin bones. Next, I made diagonal slices into the meat which allows for quicker, more even cooking, better penetration of the marinade and to serve, all you need is a fork. My marinade consisted of tamari sauce, red wine, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, ginger and green onions. This fillet took about 25 minutes to fully cook over a 350 degree bbq and was truly a crowd pleaser.

Grilled Salmon Lettuce Wraps

LettuceWrapsA dish perfect for feeding a few friends.

This dish is as simple as it gets and is guaranteed to please a crowd. Any combination of fresh vegetables can be used for this type of dish. The only limitation if your imagination. I chose to grill some red and yellow peppers, corn, asparagus and snap peas along with some fresh Chinook Salmon. As if the salmon wasn’t rich enough, I added avocado to the party because – hey, I love avocado. Baby Bib lettuce is the perfect vessel to hold the ingredients and a lemon vinaigrette adds a bright, fresh flavor to the dish. This dish was light, yet satisfying on a warm evening along with a glass of Prosecco. Cheers!

Grilled Sunburst Squash, Spinach Orzo and Fresh Chinook Salmon

This plate is all about summer and is simple to create. I grilled the salmon and the squash after seasoning them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Black Pepper and a pinch of onion powder.

For the Orzo, follow the cooking instruction on the package then add finely chopped baby spinach, minced pine nuts, roasted garlic, crumbled Feta cheese and season to taste (the dish is best if it has some time to relax in the fridge so the flavors can blend).

Anthony Warren
For years Anthony Warren has been fishing out of Ilwaco for salmon and bottom fish. When the craze for Albacore Tuna fishing hit the sport fishing fleet, Anthony was right there chasing these longfins. You can find him on the team “Bad To The Bone” which fishes the Oregon Tuna Classic charity tournament.