How to Smoke Salmon

By on July 19, 2011
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The following recipe is a very simple dry-brine recipe for smoking salmon and other fish.

Smoked Salmon in Packages– Salmon fillets – however many you have, or however many will fit in your smoker at one time
– Dark brown sugar – the amount depends upon how much fish you have (see the next page for details)
– Non-iodized salt (canning salt works well)
– Garlic, preferably fresh pressed garlic
– A large bowl to mix the dry brine in
– A non-metallic container (glass, enamel, plastic) to brine the fish in
– A smoker to smoke the fish in
– Preferred, but not required a vacuum packer and bags to package your finished product.

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Norm Nelson
Norm Nelson is the inventor and co-founder of Salmon University, and launched the SU website in 2001. From 2003-2020 Norm pursued other projects, but in 2020 he returned and purchased SU back from Tom Nelson, and became the sole owner. Norm has a been a lifelong fisherman.